AMF East Coast Australia roadshow

Late February and early March there is a roadshow if he east coast of Australia happening around the Australian Minifootball Federation around opportunities such as creation of State Leagues within NSW and QLD. We are stopping on the Gold Coast to meet Goals Australia who have exploded over the past 12 months and will be discussing everything Minifootball we have done and are moving forward with.



We then hit northern NSW where the appetite for Minifootball is there so we will be singing the same tune to this region as with an expansion phase taking place 2020 is a great year to break out to the region unless we can make things work this year as it will be the decision of the people. Off to Port Macquarie, then to Forster where the Vikings Challenge is being held which is one of the largest events in Australia for Minifootball that has gained momentum over the years as on of the most prestigious events in Australia. I believe over 180 teams will compete at this event. Congratulations to the guys at Vikings Challenge for creating such an event for the people.



We then race to a Sydney for the week in preparation for our own Minifootball National Championships on 10th March however during the week we are meeting with key stakeholders from schools department of sport, venues to commit to joining AMF to give their players the opportunities they cannot attain anywhere else other than the opportunities the AMF provide as FIFA is allowing the World Minifootball Federation the opportunity to allow amateur players and only amateur players  to play at WMF events such as the recent World Cup of Minifootball in Tunisia. At this event Australia finished a respectable 6th out of 24 teams where we were grouped with Argentina, France and Czech Republic.



We have over 20 meetings booked for this roadshow and AMF State Leagues are coming in 2018 and we are bidding to host the World Cup of Minifootball in 2019 so watch this space.

The Viking Challenge




PAMF - Pan American Minifootball Federation announced this week the headquarters of the First Pan American Cup of Minifootball, which will take place between May 27 and June 2 of next year.


The PanAm Cup 2018 will be held in Guatemala City, capital and largest city of the Republic of Guatemala, with a population of 2.5 million. According to Alexandre Barros, Executive Director of PAMF, the tournament, which will qualify for the next Minifootball World Cup in 2019, will have a minimum of 12 Selections from the Americas.


The Organizing Committee of the PanAm Cup will be under the responsibility of ASOFUM - Associación de Fútbol y sus Modalidades, which has as President the former player of the Guatemala Selection, Pablo Melgar. ASOFUM is the organization responsible for amateur football in Guatemala recognized by PAMF and WMF.


The Brazilian National Team, who played in the 2017 World Cup of Minifootball Tunisia, will be present and will be looking for the 2019 World Cup qualification and also the title. Coach João Guilherme Garcia will lead the group on this path. The final call of the Brazilian team will take place in the first days of May and until then, the technical committee will analyze several players in national and international competitions. Later this month, PAMF will release more information about the competition.



WMF Arena Soccer World Championship 2018 will be held from October 13th till 20th 2018 in city of Hermosillo, Mexico. The event regulartion will be announce in January 31th 2018.

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The World Minifootball Federation (“WMF”), is the highest authority of minifootball in the world. Fifa does not recognize minifootball

WMF created 3 different categories of minifootball: 5 a side, 6 a side and 7 a side.

The WMF has a special dynamic because of the huge number of players who play every day, every week and every month because they are just in love with this sport.

Minifootball leagues and other competitions and events are organizing by the WMF or by its continental, national or local affiliates.

The best teams from local leagues will advance to national championship. The best players are chosen for national team which participate in continental or World minifootball Championship.

There are currently more than 35 000 official WMF facilities and more than 1,7 mil amateur  unofficial minifootball players and fields hosting the regional competitions and national tournaments which are organized by WMF members.

The WMF has branched out to all 5 federations and locking in the world for the mini football revolution.

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